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Financial / Estate Planning

Independent, Objective Financial Planning by a Certified Financial Planner (CFP)

The CFPs of Shwiff, Levy & Polo, LLP (SLP) will provide up-to-date, expert advice and guidance in creating a custom, comprehensive plan that helps manage risk and grow your wealth.

Key Strategies

College Education Savings
Develop a plan of savings for your child's college education, optimized to balance your financial tolerance with alternative financing options for you and your child.

Family Crisis Protection
Ensure you have enough money in your emergency fund and sufficient insurance—life, disability, health, home and auto—to insulate your family against the temporary or even permanent loss of your income. Put your affairs in order, including your will, powers of attorney and health directives.

Grow your investments. Identify the steps needed to maximize your investment income and limit your risk.

Leaving a Legacy
Secure a legacy for your heirs by advance planning that addresses how to maximize your estate's value and minimize estate taxes, advisory fees, legal fees, and probate and other costs. Considerations include when to begin taking retirement-plan and social security payments and what assets to distribute before death. If the family business is part of your estate, preparation for its continuance or arrangement for its closure will be put into place.

Retirement Savings
Evaluate your retirement needs, that is, what you'll need for a comfortable retirement. Analyze your finances and financial prospects, including assets and sources of income, and establish a retirement-savings program, taking into account your financial situation and minimizing risk.