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Reviews / Results

Mediation and Law Offices of Vivian L. Holley

Your thorough tracing, analysis and recommendations and your well-written "opinion" letter has added so much to my client's defense and will go a long way in convincing the judge to award my client the credits she is due …

Richard G. Avila, Attorney at Law

Until you stepped in … the client's case seemed indefensible because the trustee's expert, a former Internal Revenue Service Criminal Investigation Division fraud examiner, had extensively documented the circumstantial evidence against the client …

Marcus Daniel Merchasin, Attorney and Counselor at Law

Your multilingual skills were invaluable in a case that required interaction with multiple disparate personalities … Your diplomatic approach and investigative skills were critical.

Donna Salazar, Staff Atttorney and Mediation Coordinator

Elizabeth was one of our most accomplished mediators. She consistently received high evaluations from both the disputant and co-mediators.

Connie Moore Dunning, Director

Serving since 2005 as an arbitrator and since 2008 as a mediator for our Attorney/Client Fee Disputes program, [Elizabeth Shwiff] quickly became one of our more valued and reliable volunteers.