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Below are several articles that will be of particular interest to those doing business in San Francisco. SLP senior associates are sought-after speakers and regular columnists on real estate taxation issues for SF Apartment magazine.

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Passthroughs 101
Recoup the costs of capital improvements, operating and maintenance expenses, and utilities with passthroughs. September 2018

A Cruel Accrual World
A little-used Quickbooks report can help you better understand your cash flow. June 2018

Trick(le) of the Tax Trade
Despite some wins for local property owners and big business, overall our columnist doubts the logic of the "trickle down" theory behind the recent federal tax overhaul. March 2018

How to protect your date from a cyberattack. September 2017

Ready for Tax Season?
Read the following Q&A to be on your top tax game this year. March 2017

Buck the Tax Trends
Learn how to get strategic with tax planning and avoid the fleeting trends. December 2016

Deductions & Depreciations
The IRS allows rental property owners to deduct repairs and depreciate improvements. How can landlords make the most of it? September 2016

Magic Number 14
Do you know whether your second home is considered a personal residence, vacation home, or a rental property by the IRS? It all depends on how many days you use it. June 2016

Most Valuable Players
Get your financial team together: financial planners, estate planners and tax planners work hand in hand. March 2016

Global Citizen, Global Taxpayer
Don’t let your globetrotting catch up to you when tax time comes around. July 2015

The Active Audit
Tips and tricks to get through an audit as quickly and easily as possible. April 2015

Doing the Math
For some, it may make sense to try to qualify as a “materially participating real-estate professional.” For others, the onerous documentation may not be worthwhile. January 2015

Balanced Books
Maintaining your books and keeping track of depreciation are of the utmost importance when it comes time to sell your building. October 2014

Deliberating Deductions
Learn how you can exclude up to $500,000 of gains when selling your primary residence. July 2014

Explaining “E”
Find out what the city’s ongoing conversion to a gross receipts tax means for your business. April 2014

Record-Keeping Resolutions
Your calendar may be your single most important record-keeping tool. January 2014